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5 Reasons HandiWALL® is the Best Way to Organize Your Manufacturing Plant

Elk Grove Village, IL. 7/8/2014

Here at Custom Plastics, Inc. we believe that organization breeds efficiency. That's why we stand by the old phrase "a place for everything and everything in its place". At our manufacturing plant we use HandiWALL® in all types of spaces from executive offices to the plant floor. HandiWALL® is more than a piece of slatwall, but an entire organization system. Accompanied by a range of accessories from hooks to shelves, paper trays to bins, everyone can benefit from having their workspace organized and easily accessible.

Extruded straight from our plant in the Chicago area, HandiWALL® is available in an array of colors. Traditionally used in garages, HandiWALL® has begun to make its way into commercial markets.

Manufacturing is a fast-paced and busy environment, and using HandiWALL® to stay organized has far exceeded our expectations. It takes the clutter off of desks and the floor and neatly places it on the wall creating less of a hazard.

Besides knowing where all of your supplies are, there a few more reasons why HandiWALL® is the best organization system your plant can have:

1. Easy to clean

HandiWALL® is immune to water damage which is essential for the dramatic temperature changes between seasons in a manufacturing plant. HandiWALL® can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth and it looks as good as new once it is.

2. Easy to install

If you don't have a lot of time to get your office organized, this is the ideal solution for you because HandiWALL® can be easily installed into wood, drywall, or cement and we have color coordinated screws to ensure the fluidity of your space.

3. Flame retardant

Safer than using the wood competitor, HandiWALL® is rated Grade A on flame spreadability.

4. Holds more than 100 lbs per hook

HandiWALL® was independently tested to hold over 100 lbs per hook. These hooks are designed to surpass comparable wood slatwall and to be able to hold heavy-duty items.

5. Durable

This product is made to last. Unlike other types of slatwall that begin to deteriorate after a few years of use, HandiWALL® is made of Cellular Foam PVC and will retain its strength and build. We’ve been using ours for over 10 years and have never had to replace a single panel.

To start getting your plant organized today and for more information, visit our products page.


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